Xiaomi 12T Pro Tips, Tricks & Top Features

Xiaomi 12T Pro Tips, Tricks & Top Features

Xiaomi 12T Pro Tips, Tricks & Top Features: Xiaomi is breaking world records with their phones, especially the multi Pro, with beaches like the biggest 200-megapixel camera insane ultra-fast charging magically deletes people from photos and even a heart rate sensor under the screen. So stick around because I have the best tips and tricks that take this phone to the next level.

Xiaomi 12T Pro 200Megapixel Mode

So straight up box if you open up the camera and snap a pic, it’s not going to use the 200 megapixels straight away but under more, if you toggle on Ultra HD vert, bam right in it, you can toggle that on, and use all 200 of those sweet megapixels and capture some pretty great pics. And with a 200-megapixel photo, you can still zoom in and see a lot of detail.

And that’s because it is capturing over 200 million pixels. Insane. The 200-megapixel mode also has some insanely accurate autofocus. As you can see, it does an amazing job of tracking the face. So pretty much every time you take a picture, it’s perfectly in focus. And with these pictures, if you tap on this profile icon, it’ll give you a bunch of different cool resized, and cropped pictures that were all taken just from that one shot. Now, this phone takes some amazing pics, but with a promo code, you can make them even better by turning on raw because, with real photos, you can capture so much more information and details.

So now when you snap the shot in the gallery, you’ll get two photos, the normal one and the rule. But to unlock even more features, if you toggle on focus peaking, you’ll have full control because of these lines will actually tell you what is perfectly in focus. Exposure verification is another great feature because these lines will tell you if your picture is over or underexposed. And to be honest, the great thing about this mode and these features is that you don’t actually need to be a pro to use them.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Pro Photography

But this camera is not only great for photos, it’s also great for cloning, you might what not let me show you some crazy cool camera effects under more if you tap on the clone, there are a couple to choose from. But right at the end is this freeze frame, you can put your phone on a tripod and record yourself, or if you’re recording someone else, as soon as they step into the frame, it starts cloning them, there is no surprise why Xiaomi called this feature magic. I mean, just look at how well it can do this.

It is so cool. And after that, you can even tap on that adjust button and decide where you want the freeze frames to happen. Or you could try out video clone mode, which is equally hilarious. Just like that, you can get super creative with these two effects. And they’re actually really funny. But there’s even more that inside of the camera features right above the clone is movie effects. There are a couple of different options like this one Magic Zoom that basically creates this epic vertigo effects that you sometimes see in movies, then this next effect is all about timing.

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And how it works is you tap on the person that you don’t want to freeze then click Record and at the moment you want to freeze the other person hit the pause button and let the story play out and at the right moment press record again. I mean as you can see this feature works surprisingly well. And it’s quite amazing for capturing some pretty hilarious videos.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Camera Effects

But now you have got to see these next effects inside the editing tools. Now let’s chat about the insane editing features and in case you didn’t know most of these are available on the 12 T and the 12 T Pro. So if you open up a pic in your gallery and tap the Edit button you’ll see this option AI and in here is the sky option where you can literally change the sky in your picture there are a ton of different options to choose from. Whether you want a sunset night sky with stars or even something dynamic.

Just look at how crazy and precise this is. It’s even getting all the little areas between the branches with no problem in the same setting section you can tap on the raise then remove people and look at how well it identifies and picks up the person in the picture. I mean I have seen this feature before but Xiaomi definitely seems to be the best at doing this on top of all that you can even add a protective watermark to your pictures and of course you can type out whatever it is you want I did Hales world it takes a couple of seconds and looks super fish now let me show you how Shami I’ve taken the sidebar to the next level.

Now I’m not joking when I say this is probably one of the nifty sidebars you will find on any phone with special features. If you tap on the floating window you will see a sidebar right over here. Make sure you toggle this on because you can do a ton of cool things. So anytime you open an app from the sidebar, it’ll appear in this pop up window which you can move around the screen minimize make even bigger or open the entire app by just dragging down but here’s where it gets ridiculously cool.

If you open up a YouTube then the sidebar you’ll see a bunch of new features like this one that turns the screen off but still plays your video. This is an awesome feature that It is usually actually only available for YouTube premium members. But with the top two Pro, you’re going to straight up box within those same features, you can even choose this record button, that will instantly start recording your entire screen. And when you tap that file icon, it’ll save it straight to Gallery.

Let’s not lie, it could not be any easier than that. And straight away, you can share this video with friends, family, or whoever you want. And then get this if you’re in a game and open up the sidebar, you get even more features like game turbo mode, which can boost your performance and even turn off Do Not Disturb so you can stay focused.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Pro photo editing

Now I am not going to lie, the artificial intelligent features on this phone blew my mind inside display settings. If you tap on AI image engine, there are these four options that I highly recommend you toggle on because these features make some decent adjustments to low-quality media in terms of resolution, frame rate and even HDR. So with the Super AI resolution feature, you can watch lower quality videos like on YouTube, for example, and the AI will automatically adjust it to make it a lot more crisp and higher in quality. Now, that’s what I call a smartphone.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Tap, Swipe, Pinch

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I love good gesture and insight gesture shortcuts right at the bottom, you’ll see back tap and in here, you can do a double tap or triple tap and there are some cool options to choose from. Now all you got to do is give it a little tap tap. And we’ll take a screenshot for you. Nice. But here’s another way to take a screenshot, just swipe down with three fingers on the screen and you’re good to go. If you tap and hold three fingers on the screen, you’ll actually get this little selection window where you can choose exactly what it is you want to screenshot.

And once you’ve got the screenshot, you can edit it even further. With this tool like the pixel brush that will pixelate anything you draw over, like text or pictures, you name it. And then within the home screen settings under system navigation, you can change from buttons to gestures or gestures to buttons, whichever you prefer. But gestures do just give you a bit more screen space. So now that we’ve customized navigation,

Xiaomi 12T Pro Customization

let’s navigate to customization. First things first are the wallpapers if you open the theme app and tap on a profile, then wallpapers inside here, you will find a soup of wallpapers. And trust me when I say you have got to check these out, I’m sorry, but these are probably some of the best wallpapers around because as you can see, they move and change depending on what screen you’re in. Then for those of you who love dark mode, if you tap on that, you’ll actually get some extra dark mode options, like adjusting individual X text and even the wallpaper look at how it turns this wallpaper into dark mode.

So cool. For even more customization options. Within additional settings under Quick Ball, if you turn that on, a little icon will appear on the edge of your screen. And when you tap it, you get these really cool options. But you can also move this quick ball anywhere on the screen. This gives you instant access to a ton of different settings like Silent mode, Wi Fi and a whole bunch more that you can customize. If you pinch the screen together and tap on this little gear icon inside here.

You can even customize your recent layout. So whether you want it to be vertical or horizontal, it’s totally up to you. But here’s the difference between both of them. And let me know down in the comment section which one you guys prefer. I think I’m more a vertical type. And by the way, don’t worry about these super wallpapers draining your phone because it’s got a super battery.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Super Battery

Okay, now can you believe that this phone comes with a massive 120 Watt charger and get this with the 120 Watt charging brick, I was able to charge the 20 Pro from zero to 100 in just 18 minutes. Like just how crazy is that? I don’t know if you guys remember, but it used to take like three hours to charge your phone.

And if that isn’t mind blowing within Ultra battery saver, if you turn this on, you can get up to a mind boggling 85 for hours of use. And with this nifty trick, you can save even more battery by clearing the cache every one minute after your phone is locked. So do not stress if you’re like me and like to have a million applications open because once you lock the phone of the one minute it will clear and close every application except for settings

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Xiaomi 12T Pro Tips

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