Google Pixel Watch Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features – 2022

Google Pixel Watch Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

Google Pixel Watch Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features: So Google has released its first-ever pixel watch with features like controlling your phone’s camera, some next-level customization, Google Maps, and even watching videos. So let’s get into some tips and tricks because this stylish Watch has so much more to show us than just the time.

Google Pixel Watch Gestures

So of course, we’ve got to start with gestures and all the actions you could do with this watch. So if you rotate the crown down, it opens up the control center. If you click it, it opens up your main menu with all the applications. If you click the reasons button, you’ll see all your most recent open applications. And if you tap and hold, it’ll actually close them. Aside from using the crown.

You can also swipe down to access the Control Center. If you swipe left or right, you’ll access tiles, which are basically highlights of things you want to know like its steps and heart rates. And if you swipe up, there are notifications. Another cool feature is the lock screen. So if you tap this icon, it’ll lock your screen and stop any accidental touches or swipes.

To unlock this mode, it’s super simple, all you need to do is hold the crown down for two seconds. And after that, it’ll unlock your watch. And then you can use it like normal. Then if you want to shut down or restart your watch, just click and hold down on the crown until you see this menu and you’re good to go. You can also turn the pixel into a megapixel and control your phone’s camera.

Google Pixel Watch Camera Controls

This is probably one of my favorite features. And it’s just so useful, you do need to make sure you have the app. So within the Play Store, download google camera. And now once you tap open, it’ll open your phone’s camera and you can control it remotely. So from your watch, if you scroll the crown, you can zoom in or out. If you tap the shutter button, it’ll start a three-second time and then take a pic, or you can change that by clicking on this little menu at the top, changing the time that will be here, and even switching the camera. It is pretty responsive but can lag a little bit sometimes. But for the most part, it is so awesome. So this watch is great for taking pictures, but just watch what you can do with watch faces.

Google Pixel Watch Customization

So to change or edit to watch faces, you just need to tap and hold down then tap on the plus icon. And right over here are all the different options you can choose from each watch face has its own customizations, but one of my favorites has got to be this one concentric so you can change the color as well as the style. There are a couple of ones to choose from, and then even add complications, which also have a ton of different options to choose from. Once you’re done, you have a super slick, stylish watch face.

And I just love the way this one comes down the seconds from the 20 different watch faces you get these ones are the best ones to customize and come with a lot of cool complications, then you also get this one that literally spells out the time. I mean, tell me that time with text is not top-notch. But what is also top-notch is in the Playstore you can download this app face or watch faces. And here you will find hundreds of different custom watch faces that you can download and use on your pixel watch.

When you’re ready to add one, just click the plus icon and scroll down. Then make sure you add the face of the watch face and in a couple of seconds, it’ll show the watch face you chose. And with this, you get 1000s of free and paid wallpapers. And to be honest, this actually works so much better than the options you get with Apple Watch. Now let me show you how you can call and text right from your wrist.

Google Pixel Watch Calling and Texting

First things first, if you receive a call on your phone and place your palm of the watch face, it’ll instantly mute everything to call someone you can just tap on the phone app, then go to your contacts and choose whichever contact it is you want to call or you can also dial them using the keypad. Then you can chat with Jeepers Creepers using a gesture watch, no hands. And you can even access the keypad or adjust the volume from your watch without ever touching your phone.

Let’s not forget, you can also respond to messages. So if you scroll down, you’ll see all the different response options. Whether that’s just an emoji using the microphone or keyboard. It’s totally up to you. But when you’re done, just accept, you can get all sorts of notifications like WhatsApp, Instagram, DMS, missed calls, and even emails. And you can respond to all of those rights from your watch. But besides texting and calling, you can also listen to music and even watch videos.

Google Pixel Watch Music & Videos

So straight out of the box, it comes installed with YouTube music. But if you go to the Play Store, you can download Spotify you can then go to your library and select any one of your playlists. And right at the top, you’ll see this option to download to watch. It’ll take a couple of seconds to download. But after that, you can listen to music without using your phone. Another cool media app you can use on this watch is Shazam. So instead of bothering the DJ, just use this app instead.

And it’ll automatically identify any song that is played. But probably the best app that is already installed is this one media controls with this you can literally control any media playing I Your phone, whether it’s volume, pausing content, playing music, and even skipping forward or changing the video, so useful. But check this out. If you want to watch videos on your watch, you can download a video gallery from the Play Store. And almost instantly, it’ll display the photos as well as videos that are in your gallery on your phone. I mean, how cool is that?

Google Pixel Watch Google Features

So because this is a Google watch, it will, of course, come with Google Maps. And the amazing thing is, you can literally search for locations on your watch using voice or text or the keyboard. And once you’ve found the location, not only will it give you directions, but you can also choose to show that entire route on a map and use the crown to zoom in or out. And the cool thing is that as soon as you start using Google Maps on your phone, it will automatically open up on your pixel watch, it can also carry your cash around for you. So in the Watch app under Google, if you tap on Google Wallet right over here, you can say Add to watch. And once you’ve run through the entire setup, you can tap the crown button twice and the band vision card. And of course, what would the pixel watch be without Google Assistant to wake you up, all you have to do is click and hold on the Recents button, then just go ahead and ask or say whatever it is you need to. And it can do almost anything for you. Like taking pictures, making a call, remembering where you parked your car, and even translating and the fact that you can do all of this right from your breast convenience.

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Google Pixel Watch Keeping Fit

So you might not know but Fitbit is actually a big part of the pixel watch. And to track your workouts. Within the Fitbit exercise, you have so many different ones to choose from. Once you’ve selected an exercise, like running, you can even adjust the goal right from your watch. So when you read a book, just click that play button. And now it’ll start tracking all that super important information, which is also stored on your phone. So within the Fitbit app, you can scroll down to exercise.

And in here you’ll find all your workout info, like your heart rate zones, how many calories you burned, and even a map to show your exercise routes. But if you want even more exercise options, you can download Google Fit, or even this app that is called Strava. And get this Google Fit has a whopping 96 different exercises and Strava is kind of like a social media network for exercise where you and your friends can keep track of each other. But besides fitness Google also fitness with some bagging health features.

Google Pixel Watch Tracking Health

sleep tracking is pretty important these days. And the pixel watch comes with it straight-up box within the Fitbit Today app. If you scroll right to the bottom, you’ll see sleep and here, you’ll get a bunch of sleep stats on how you slept that night. And all that will also once again be in the Fitbit app with even more information. In here you can see 30 Day averages, benchmarks and even your blood oxygen throughout the night. Speaking of sleep, another really cool thing to do within the alarm app is once you’ve gone and set an alarm, you can actually scroll down and turn off the alarm sound. That way you’ll only be woken up by a nice gentle vibration instead of a super annoying alarm. And trust me this actually makes a big difference to how you start your day inside the same section as sleep. You can also check out a bunch of heartrate stats and what’s super special about the pixel watch compared to other watches is that it tracks your heart rate every single second.

Google Pixel Watch Quick Tips

For some rapid-fire Quick Tips with an Emergency SOS make sure you toggle on emergency gesture. That way if you tap the crown five times it will call emergency services under display there is this really nifty feature called sunlight boost. And if you toggle on this, every time your watch is in super bright sunlight, it’ll lose the brightness of the screen.

The pixel watch also has a flashlight feature within the control center, just tap that icon and now you practically have a torch on your wrist and it’s actually pretty bright you can definitely see a lot in the dark with it back inside control center. Another useful feature if you tap on this icon, it’ll instantly ring your phone and make it so much easier to find.

Then if your battery’s running a bit low on your phone, you can toggle on battery share, flip your phone over, place your pixel watch on the back right in the center and verb ABS your watch will start charging Apple and Samsung now have huge competition with this stylish bad boy. If you want to see the pixel seven pro then make sure you said otherwise you can check out these two videos but I’ll see you guys in the next one toodles.

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